About | Wiedower Capital | Value-oriented investment firm | Travis Wiedower | Austin, TX

Wiedower Capital LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor based in Austin, TX that was started in February, 2015. Client funds are held in separately managed accounts through Interactive Brokers. A separately managed account works much the same way a personal investment account does: you can log in, view your holdings and account balance, and deposit or withdraw funds anytime you want. The only difference is Wiedower Capital is doing the actual buying and selling of securities. The account is in your name, so you pay transaction fees and taxes on capital gains just the way you would through your own online broker.

Non-qualified clients pay a flat 2% management fee. Qualified clients (net worth over $2 million, excluding primary residence) pay a 1% management fee and 20% of net profits on returns over 4% (above the client's high water mark). The minimum investment is $10,000 and there are no restrictions on withdrawals.

“In stocks, it's the only place where when things go on sale, people get unhappy. If McDonald's reduces the price of hamburgers, I think it's great.”
—Warren Buffett

I'm looking for investors who nod (and chuckle) in agreement to the above quote. Long-term investors are absolutely essential to this firm's success. I worry about the durability, competitive landscape and economics of the businesses I invest in much more than if they meet quarterly earnings estimates.

Being concentrated and long-term focused, it's not uncommon that I go several months without buying or selling anything. The beauty of investing is there are no strikes called if I don't swing. All I try to do is find a few great opportunities every year and then stay put. My ability to sit, do nothing and not react to the market's mood swings is one of my biggest advantages as an investment manager.

For inquiries about Wiedower Capital, please email Travis.